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home-imageLibinex is manufactured in the United States under strict regulations from the FDA, ensuring that it meets the highest-quality standards possible. Vitamin Boat only approves products that meet or exceed these standards. We hand-pick our ingredients to deliver the best possible products for our customers.

Designed for MEN looking to:

– Increase stamina and sexual performance*
– Boost energy*
– Improve libido & sexual dysfunctions*

Vitamin Boat recommends Libinex to men who are eager to take control of their body by lowering health risks and increasing overall ability to perform better, both physically and mentally.*

Top Quality Ingredients all in One Capsule

Being conscious of what you put in to your body is the safest way to reach your goals. Each ingredient chosen to compose Libinex was picked specifically because Vitamin Boat believes a healthier diet means a natural, harmless solution.


Tribulus Terrestris

Sprouting small flowers, the Tribulus Terrestis plant grows strongly in a variety of climates. Men began using the plant’s extract for improving stamina and sexual enhancement after researchers noticed a significant increase in hormone levels after consumption.* Consisting of compounds, such as protodioscin, may allow the extract to work as a natural aphrodisiac within your body while keeping hormones leveled for ideal overall performance.*



L-Arginine, an amino acid which develops within the body, is naturally produced in a variety of foods commonly consumed including various meats, cheeses, and nuts. Our bodies rely on this amino acid to turn in to a nitric oxide allowing blood flow to remain steady and a stronger heart to become achievable. When lacking the existence of L-Arginine in your body your sexual performance may decrease and your risk of libido loss can multiply.*


Fenugreek Seed

The fenugreek seed, found in the fenugreek plant, serves an array of purposes around the world from furnishing a salad to providing sexual health support.* Widely consumed in Indian culture, the seed is also used throughout Ethiopian culture as a natural remedy for those suffering from diabetes. Studies reveal that when men include fenugreek seed in to their diets their sexual conduct can advance by improving the strength of erections as well as moderate the levels of sugars your stomach absorbs during digestion.*


Asian Ginseng Root

Over the years the Asian ginseng root has flourished and is now used by millions, especially within the United States and China. Of the extensive list of cures, this aphrodisiac is said to work directly with your body by decreasing stress and anxiety levels, increasing memory, and keeping libido at a sufficient level.* The root is known to provide men with sexual energy and better overall ability to perform for longer durations of time, similar to an energy drink containing smaller amounts of the extract.*



Niacin, a necessary nutrient for your body to function, is referred to as a B vitamin which must be consistently obtained in order to keep your metabolism and digestive system running appropriately. This vitamin is responsible for aiding in the conversion of food in to energy; therefore, proper dosage will improve overall energy and stamina. Men often consume niacin to reduce cardiovascular risks and to lower cholesterol, which in turn may naturally improve health and mental wellness.*



With age, males often experience loss of natural production of the hormone DHEA. To keep sexual health at its prime, many men seek natural supplements for support. Scientists believe that men have a stronger chance to promote libido and end sexual dysfunctions when consuming DHEA.* Other studies show that the hormone can help fight the aging process, improve muscle stamina, and boost the immune system.*


Yohimbe Bark

Native to Africa, this bark’s extract is declared by scientists that it can act similar to an antidepressant and keep blood flow to the penis circulating properly.* Most commonly, yohimbe is taken as an aphrodisiac by men looking for a stimulant to strengthen sexual potency and performance.* Aside from sexual advances, claims have been made that consumption can also assist in weight loss and chest pain relief.*



Bioperine, generally referred to as black pepper extract, shows in studies that when consumed bioavailability of nutrients becomes greater. This benefit is a result from the extract’s ability to enhance absorption levels of vitamins presented to your body. In India, Bioperine has been used as stomach medicine for decades while more recently researchers have made claims that the extract can help build immune systems and perform like an antioxidant within the body.*

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